Our teaching works around a musical triangle with the student, child and parent all working together. The Suzuki Method is particularly successful with young children as music is learned  in the same way as a language is acquired; listening, imitating, playing and practising.

Pupils have a weekly private lesson as well as several group lessons per term, all of which a parent  attends. Individual lessons vary in length between 15 and 60 minutes, depending on the age and stage of the child. Lessons cover aspects of technique (exercises, studies, scales and arpeggios), sight-reading, polishing a concert piece, working on a new piece, and developing musicianship with an old repertoire piece. Parents  make written notes (or sometimes video the lesson) to enable effective practice  with their child. Families are encouraged to arrive early or stay on to listen to previous and subsequent lessons. 

Group lessons are intended to be fun and sociable but with a significant learning purpose and are also a first introduction to ensemble playing. They comprise a mixture of group performance and musicianship. Often games are used and these have the added benefit of developing pupils' concentration,  co-ordination, ear training, visual reading skills and performing skills. The groups consist of students of a similar age and standard.

Pupils progress through the  Suzuki books (available from the British Suzuki Institute)  plus additional pieces  which build on technique and contain a  common repertoire that enables students to play together in groups.

We hold termly concerts which provide group and solo performance opportunities as well as performing at events such as Ipswich Music Day and Aldeburgh Music Circus and taking part in National workshops.

The Suzuki way is that 'Every Child Can': all children can learn to play an instrument, regardless of academic ability.

We want music to be an enriching and enjoyable  part of your lives.